Faux Pas: A dog mystery (A Paws and Pose Mystery)

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Email Address. Review Posted Online: Oct. Kirkus Reviews Issue: Oct. Email address:. Please provide an email address. Today, I was definitely earning my money. This was going downhill fast, and I was only one more finger poke away from a full-blown panic attack. Princess can feel your energy, and you're making her very nervous.

Just bad with confrontation. Fake it until you feel it, right?

Celeste, I understand your anger with Zebina OK, the husband stealer. And I can't have this kind of energy in my class. It's not good for anyone.

The Paws and Pose Mysteries de Shannon Esposito - Libro - Leer en línea

Zebina, you've been coming here the longest. You choose. Morning or afternoon session? Her eyes darkened behind layers of expertly applied mascara as she glared at Celeste, a mean little smile pulling at the corners of her pink, glossed lips. Oh crap. I leaned against the wall for support. My whole body went into fight or flight mode as I watched the murderous look morph Celeste's delicate English features.

I did understand where the rage was coming from. After all, Zebina was the reason Celeste's husband of twenty-some years had just divorced her. But, I had classes to run. And I had no idea how to deal with all the complicated drama people created, except to keep them separated. My face felt like it was on fire and sweat had beaded up around my hairline.

I noticed all this in the background as I pushed the words out. They start at four. It seemed to have become her singular purpose in life. She hadn't even started taking my classes until two months ago when her divorce was final.

Several pets dead after mystery dog baits discovered - Nine News Australia

So, I had probably lost a client but gained some sanity. To my surprise, Celeste didn't resist. Maybe it was out of pity. She eyed me sideways with a frown. Her eyes narrowed to glittering slits as she bared her pearly teeth in a pseudo-smile. I busted into the gift shop, sending the crystal dog bones on the door crashing into one another and sucking in air like an asthmatic horse.

High Jinx : A dog mystery

I'm sure my eyes were wild as they met Bonnie's. One glance at me and she abandoned her customer and ran to the back room, emerging with a paper bag. As she grabbed my elbow to steer me behind the counter and pressed the open bag over my nose and mouth, all I could think about was how I was going to die while still living with my mother. I nodded gratefully as Bonnie helped me slide down the wall and put my head between my knees. Her take-charge attitude really helped. Giving up control of the body that was trying to kill me was exactly what I needed.

Her voice sounded far away, muffled behind the wall of pure terror my mind had erected and the concert-worthy drumbeat of my heart. Was it possible for a heart to burst through a person's chest? The scene in Alien flashed in my mind. If an alien could do it, surely a human heart beating this hard could? Stop it, Elle. In and out. I sucked in stale air and blew out shallow, hot breaths, expanding and contracting the paper bag. The crinkling sound it made, and the fact I had eaten horseradish with my eggs for breakfast, distracted me quite nicely.

Bonnie grabbed my face between her hands and made me look into her eyes. Breathe deeper. Her eyes were gray-blue with specks of gold around her pupils. They were earnest. I should obey. Then she began to hum and rub my arms. A single tear of humiliation rolled down my face and neck. I moved my attention back to my breath, followed it as it filled my lungs and then the paper bag. And again.

Until finally my whole body shuddered and the panic attack released its hold on me. The back of my head hit the wall as I collapsed in exhaustion, dropping my arms and enjoying breathing like a normal person again. I had survived. Now I was just embarrassed.

Faux Pas: A Paws and Pose Mystery

I opened my eyes and rolled my head to look at her concerned expression. Thanks, Bonnie.

I was grateful she understood and never judged me for it.